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Key Principles


The guiding vision that has shaped this project was to create a conceptually unified, quick to learn but difficult to master board game. It is territory driven, building based and incorporates mechanics that make many different strategies viable.


Hexix draws inspiration from the deep strategy of Chess, the simple premise yet emergent complexity of Go and the awesome structure building of Hive. 


Late Summer 2016 - Hexix starts as a set of design goals and after testing how different rules interacted, the first draft of the rules are scrawled in a notebook

Winter 2016/17 - Development on the first iteration of the Hexix computer program (the digital project) starts as a hobby to supplement the board game

Winter 2017/18 - After many late night game jamming sessions, Hexix rules reach their final form

Fall 2018 - Hexix becomes a Boston Festival of Indie Games finalist and debuts at the convention and sells out with it's first 8 games in print!

Winter 2018/19 - Hexix attends PAX East with the Night Moves Cafe and takes third place in sales behind games in big box stores. The first official Hexix tournament also commences and Hexix debuts in Greenfield Games, Hexix's first store location!

Spring 2019 - Hexix attends Hampshire College's ValleyCon and makes local connections

Summer 2019 - The digital project makes great strides and gains a server to allow asynchronous play, one game played online over multiple days

Fall 2019 - Hexix treks out to Philadelphia to attend PAX Unplugged where the second official Hexix tournament crowns a champion!

Winter 2019/20 - Hexix returns to PAX East where work on the client for the digital project starts anew to target not only desktop, but also web and mobile devices