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Key Principles


The guiding vision that has shaped this project was to create a conceptually unified, quick to learn but difficult to master board game. It is territory driven, building based and incorporates mechanics that make many different strategies viable.


Hexix draws inspiration from the deep strategy of Chess, the simple premise yet emergent complexity of Go and the awesome structure building of Hive. 


Hexix started as a set of design goals in the late summer of 2016. After testing how different rules interacted, the first draft of the rules were written. Over the winter of 2016/17 we started the development of the Hexix computer program which helped to refine the rules. Hexix development started to pick up speed in the fall and winter of 2017 when the most recent rulesets were developed, 3 and 6 player variants of the game were worked out, and the Hexix computer program underwent a major engine overhaul. Over the past few months we have been refining rules, working on the program, and considering options for game distribution.