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Hexix Game $40

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THE Hexix Game Set

The Materials

The Hexix game set is a quality assembly of board, box, rules and playing pieces designed to bring the excitement of the Hexix game playing experience to you! We are always looking for ways to improve quality and bring down prices to create the best deals on our game sets.

What is Included

  • One custom designed, bi-folded game board that opens to a flat playing surface
  • A set of 20 playing pieces per player (40 total) that you use to exact your masterful strategies
  • Two cloth bags to hold each player's playing pieces
  • One set of thoroughly written rules
  • One custom designed box with a crisp simplistic design to hold everything above

More Information

Pictures and more information can be found on our social media linked at the bottom of this page. Testimonials from people who saw and played our game at the Boston Festival of Indie Games can also be found below! We are also more than happy to answer any questions at Just send us an email!


A game in progress on our Boston FIG Edition. New sets include our new dice design!


A sneak peak at our new dice design! We'll be updating pictures as our Third Edition arrives in stock.

Hexix boxes showing top and bottom halves

Hexix boxes showing top and bottom halves. New sets have a new fancy bottom-of-box arrangement!


Boxes before being sold at the Boston FIG